Mariah Parker's Indo Latin Jazz Ensemble
"Marin may be known as a rock ’n’ roll county, but it’s also home to some of the foremost musicians in global fusion — a form of acoustic jazz that requires melodic invention, masterful musicianship and fearless improvisation. Eight of the best players on the planet are featured on pianist Mariah Parker’s new album, “Indo Latin Jazz Live in Concert,” recorded at Yoshi’s in Oakland, Berkeley’s Freight & Salvage, the 142 Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley and Bob Weir’s TRI Studios in San Rafael." 
-  ~ Paul Liberatore -

Links: Mariah Parker Website, Indo Latin Jazz page, Reverbnation, Facebook and Mariah Parker - DC Bebop page.


Cory Weeds
Cory Weeds -Home Cookin' (2023) "Cory Weeds, a prominent figure in the contemporary jazz scene, has made a remarkable statement with his Little Big Band's latest album Home Cookin'. The session showcases a vibrant collection of compositions/arrangements carefully curated to resonate with his personal journey, including those by Horace Silver, Thad Jones and Oliver Nelson, which are essential to him for a variety of reasons. The band comprises ten of his favorite world-class Vancouver, BC-based musicians. " ~ Pierre Giroux -, Website.


Joe Farrell
Joe Farrell Quartet (1970) "Joe Farrell, known in the '60s as a solid hard bop tenor saxophonist, branched out in the '70s. On this near-classic album, Farrell switches between tenor, soprano, flute, and even oboe while being joined by a rather notable backup crew: keyboardist Chick Corea, guitarist John McLaughlin, bassist Dave Holland, and drummer Jack DeJohnette. In addition to a famous version of McLaughlin's "Follow Your Heart," the material includes originals by Farrell and Corea, and the leader makes a strong impression on each of his horns. "   ~ Scott Yanow-, Wikipedia

Joe Farrell - Outback (1970) "Outback is the second and finest of Joe Farrell's dates for Creed Taylor's CTI label. Recorded in a quartet setting in 1970, with Elvin Jones, Chick Corea, and Brazilian percussionist Airto Moreira, Farrell pushes the envelope not only of his own previous jazz conceptualism, but CTI's envelope, as well. Outback is not a commercially oriented funk or fusion date, but an adventurous, spacy, tightrope-walking exercise between open-ended composition and improvisation. That said, there is plenty of soul in the playing. Four compositions, all arranged by Farrell, make up the album. The mysterious title track by John Scott opens the set. Staged in a series of minor-key signatures, Farrell primarily uses winds -- flutes and piccolos -- to weave a spellbinding series of ascending melodies over the extended, contrasting chord voicings by Corea. Jones skitters on his cymbals while playing the snare and tom-toms far more softly than his signature style usually attests. Airto rubs and shimmers on hand drums, going through the beat, climbing on top of it, and playing accents in tandem with Farrell in the solo sections."  ~ Thom Jurek -


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Giveton Gelin Quintet - Love for all [@dcjazzfest Sep. 26, 2020]
Giveton Gelin- Composer/Trumpeter, Micah Thomas-Piano, Phillip Norris-Bass, Kyle Benford-Drums, Immanuel Wilkins- Alto Sax

Gelin won the 2020 LetterOne RISING STARS Jazz Award and was awarded “a 10-city North American tour to play before thousands of fans and the crème-de-la-crème of the jazz music industry,” according to the Nassau Guardian. Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, Gelin now makes his home in New York City, and until the pandemic, he could be heard around town with other major young talents. The Banner caught up with him from Nassau, where Gelin was spending time with his family during this challenging period. ~ Scott Haas - The Bay State Banner

Giveton Gelin - True Design [2020] on Amazon Music


Elmore Leonard – Valdez Is Coming (1970) "A man can be in different places, different times, and be different men. Everyone likes slow moving Western constable Bob Valdez, who is allowed to patrol the Mexican part of town. He is a quiet man, a decent man who cares for the people he serves. However, when cattle baron turned gunrunner Frank Tanner and his hardcase thugs cause Valdez to kill a black man falsely accused of murder, another man, from another place and time, begins to stir. Seeking a lousy $100 to compensate the dead man's pregnant Apache wife, Valdez becomes a target of Tanners disdain."     ~ Read Review:, Amazon Books and Website

Author: Elmore John Leonard Jr. (October 11, 1925 – August 20, 2013) was an American novelist, short story writer, and screenwriter. His earliest novels, published in the 1950s, were Westerns, but he went on to specialize in crime fiction and suspense thrillers, many of which have been adapted into motion pictures. Among his best-known works are Get Shorty, Out of Sight, Swag, Hombre, Mr. Majestyk, and Rum Punch (adapted as the film Jackie Brown). Leonard's writings include short stories that became the films 3:10 to Yuma and The Tall T, as well as the FX television series Justified. Source: Wikipedia

Watch movie: Valdez Is Coming (1971) - Buy/Rent Watch online


Cixin Liu - The Three-Body Problem Series "“Wildly imaginative, really interesting..” so proclaimed Barack Obama about this trilogy. From what I can gather after reading this book, I already wholeheartedly agree. The Three-Body Problem is a truly unique and original science fiction within the realm of plausibility. Melding real-world science, history, philosophy, religion and fantastical ideas, this novel delivers a beautifully-written (and translated) narrative which engages the mind, heart and soul."     ~, Books: The Three-Body Problem, The Dark Forest, Death's End.   Kobo Books


12 Monkeys (1995)

"Much of the interest comes from the nature of the Cole character. He is simple, confused, badly informed, exhausted and shot through with feelings of betrayal. Nothing is as it seems - not in his future world, not in 1990 and not in 1996. And there is another factor, one hinted at in the opening shot of the movie and confirmed in the closing: He may have already witnessed the end of the story. The plot of "12 Monkeys," if you follow it closely, involves a time travel paradox. Almost all time travel movies do. But who cares? What's good about the film is the way Gilliam, his actors and his craftsmen create a universe that is contained within 130 minutes." ~   Link: 12 Monkeys (1995) - Buy/Rent Watch online


Toro, is a Barcelona-style tapas restaurant located in Boston's South End. Serving traditional and modern Spanish-style small plates made with locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. Their "beverage program features classic-inspired cocktails and an eclectic, all-Spanish wine list."
 Review excerpt
- "for tapas, I can’t imagine there being a better tapas restaurant in town. Aside from the amazing menu, the servers and bartenders are very knowledgeable about what’s on the menu and what pairs with each other. So the order the dishes were served flowed very naturally and was palate-friendly. Overall, if you’re looking for a phenomenal restaurant to order food to share with friends, Toro is your place.".   Website: Toro Boston location.

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