São Paulo Ska Jazz
Founded by musician and composer Marcelo Calderazzo. The band is Marcelo Calderazzo (acoustic and

Sao Paulo SKA Jazz
Gringo (2015)
electric bass), Renato Guizelini (guitar, mandolin and guitar), Ramon Montagner (drums), Sidney Ferraz (piano and keyboards), Manu Falleiros (baritone sax, tenor and high), Marcelo Pereira (baritone sax, tenor and flute), Gabriel Stampfli (trumpet) and André "Porão" Gomes (trombone). "South America's ska scene started developing in the mid-1980s. South American ska bands typically play traditional ska rhythms blended with strong influences from Latin music and rock en Español.  São Paulo Ska Jazz ebmraced the musical style to entertain the people and to pay respect to Jamaican rhythm. To these rhythms, the band adds the sophistication of jazz to create their own unique sound.    Links: Reverbnation, Website (BR), YouTube, Facebook and DC Bebop page.


Cedric C. Givens - composer and multi-instrumentalist
Originally from St. Petersburg, Florida, Cedric's passion for music began when he was a child. First with playing drums in the school band in elementary and high school, later his interest evolving into playing both the guitar and piano. While growing up, he says his most significant musical development originated amidst his "garage

Cedric Givens
One Of A Kind (2016)
band" experience when he and his musical friends would gather at his house for jam sessions. They played R&B, Rock, Fusion and Jazz. They tapped into the "essence of the funk" and played the music of groups like the Parliament Funkadelic and the Ohio Players. This is the musical life force that energized him and the other members of the band. After graduating from high school, Cedric attended and graduated from Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, FL where he obtained a degree in Business. Out of college, he returned to St. Petersburg where he taught himself how to play the piano. He says this instrument "became the foundation for much of his songwriting and performing". He began collaborating with guitarist Roberto Tyson to write songs together to record their first album "Nemesis Bleu" (1997). Cedric says he went on hiatus for a few years, but "got the spark again after having an opportunity to sit in on stage with musical giant George Duke". Cedric and guitarist Roberto Tyson reconnected on new material for a new group "N-GROOVE" which resulted in the creation of the “It’s who we are” (2008) CD. This CD features Senegalese bassist Cheikh Ndoye who collaborated on the project. Cedric is working on the next N-Groove CD which he says revisits his R&B and Funk roots. Links - Reverbnation, CD Baby and DC Bebop.


Saxophonist & composer Rocco Ventrella
"The Italian American saxophone player Rocco Ventrella has enjoyed a Pre-Grammy Nomination Contemporary Jazz Best Album 2007 Top 50 and scored Top 20 smooth jazz radio stations with 5 tracks of the CD: Soulful Strut, Winelight, Alleria, On The Night, and Give Me The Groove and gotten quotes from George Duke, Everette Harp, Dave Koz, Marion Meadows, Chris Standring and more.

Rocco Ventrella
Tres Palabras (2013) (Single)
Rocco Ventrella appeared in selected jazz festivals include the James Brown Festival in Georgia, the 1st Annual Smooth Jazz Festival in Austria, The Cube Smooth Jazz Festival with Brian Culbertson in Austria, the Augsburg Smooth Jazz Festival in Germany plus performances in Luxembourg, the UK, the USA, the France. Actually Rocco continuous to play in the world. He shared and sharing the stages with most respected smooth jazz artists such as Peter White, Candy Dulfer, Renato Falaschi, Oli Silk, Mindi Abair, Paul Brown, Gerald Albright, Brian Culbertson, Nick Colionne, Jackiem Joyner, Nils, Jessy J., Marion Meadows, Jaared, Jonathan Fritzen and more." ~ From Official short bio (pdf)   Links: Website, Facebook and DC Bebop page.


Ragan Whiteside - flutist, vocalist and songwriter
Ragan is originally from Mount Vernon, New York. She began her study of musical at the age of 5. She took piano lessons, played drums, and eventually gravitated to the study of the violin, but in the final analysis, she chose playing the flute and studying classical music. She also discovered a love of songwriting and arranging. Ragan studied at the Cleveland Institute of Music and

Ragan Whiteside
Treblemakder (2017)
the Harid Conservatory, where she earned her Bachelor of Music - Performance degree. After graduating, she returned to New York to advance her musical dream, and while there she took a major turn from her chosen path of Classical music to follow her interests for Jazz, Funk, and R&B. In 2006, she won the Capital Jazz Challenge at the Capital Jazz Festival. She returned to the festival in 2007 with a new "critically acclaimed" album, Class Axe. She penned half the songs on the album. It was produced by Pianist/Arranger Bob Baldwin and Engineer/Arranger Dennis Johnson.  During her career, Ragan has performed with Earl Klugh, Gerald Veasley, Kirk Whalum, Rick Braun, Eric Darius, Kim Waters, Marion Meadows, and Grammy Award winning opera singer Esther Hinds, and Bob Baldwin. Links: Reverbnation, Website, Jazz Review Interview and DCBebop page.


Anton Schwartz - Saxophonist, composer, record producer, educator
Anton was born and raised in New York City. "He attended the The Dalton School, during which time he studied jazz privately with Warne Marsh and Eddie Daniels" He studied advanced mathematics during high school at New York University and Columbia University, moving on to earn his Bachelor's,

Anton Schwartz
Flash Mob (2014)
Phi Beta Kappa, in Mathematics and Philosophy at Harvard University and was in the Doctoral program in Computer Science at Stanford University where he pursued research in artificial Intelligence, specializing in reinforcement learning. While gifted with a scientific mind, Anton found the call of music to have a greater pull. After receiving his Master of Science degree, he left the world of science to become a full-time musician, Anton can be found performing at many venues throughout the U.S., but notably appears periodically at Yoshi's, performs at the San Francisco Jazz Festival, and performed with the Boston Pops Orchestra at Boston Symphony Hall (2014). He is "a faculty member of the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley, California, has taught frequently at The Stanford Jazz Workshop, and has been Artist-In-Residence at Harvard University and The Brubeck Institute." During his musical career, "he has released five CDs as a leader, on his own Antonjazz label." Links: Reverbnation
, Wikipedia, Facebook, Website and DC Bebop page


Champian Fulton
Champion Fulton - Speechless (2017) "Speechless is a date that may be best classified as a centrist statement, but it's far from the norm for Champian Fulton. While many have come to know and admire Fulton for her arresting vocals and piano work, both usually given in service to Great American Songbook classics, she's not conforming to those expectations here. For her eighth album in total, and her debut on the Posi-Tone imprint, Fulton is staying completely mum for the first time, putting her piano playing in the spotlight on a program of originals. " ~ DAN BILAWSKY - AllAboutJazz.comWebsiteWikipedia and Facebook


John Coltrane
John Coltrane - Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album (2018) "On March 6, 1963, John Coltrane and his quartet arrived at Van Gelder Studios in New Jersey to record an album. It was a busy time for the group, which featured pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Jimmy Garrison and drummer Elvin Jones. They were at the tail end of a two-week residency at the Birdland jazz club in Manhattan, and the very next day they would record an album with singer Johnny Hartman. But the recordings from that March afternoon session never saw the light of day — until now. Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album is being released by Impulse! Records on June 29 and features two Coltrane compositions that have never been heard before from a time when the quartet was at the height of its musicianship. The album includes unique renditions of the Coltrane classic "Impressions" and several other tracks that the quartet would release down the line."   ~ NPR.comOfficial Website and Wikipedia

John Coltrane - Giant Steps (1960) "This is an undisputed jazz classic which every jazz lover should have, and this is the format in which it sounds best – in mono, with no distracting alternative takes. There is a stereo version, but stereo recording was in its infancy in 1959 and it lacks the close immediacy of the mono. This was the first Coltrane album consisting entirely of his own compositions, and all seven pieces became instant classics on their own account, especially the fiendishly difficult title number and the beautiful ballad, Naima. Coltrane died 50 years ago, but he remains a potent force in jazz and a compelling model for succeeding generations of musicians." ~ Dave Gelly -


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