MUSIC - David Dyson - Bassist, Songwriter, Arranger


David played the baritone (euphonium) in school and in the county orchestra until he heard the  recordings of Larry Graham and Louis Johnson, and then he switched to the electric bass.   He began playing "a beginner's bass guitar" when he was 12 years old. 

His hard work and enthusiasm for the instrument won him an "outstanding band member" award during his senior year in high school.   David played bass in school, church, local bands and participated in studio sessions with local gospel artists.  David pursued his musical dream through attending and graduating from the Berklee College of Music. 

After graduation, he became the bassist for Polygram recording artist Walter Beasley.

In January, 1989, he was called to audition for Maurice Starr (Producer of New Kids On the Block) and was hired as the bassist the for the show and eventually rose to the position of musical director.   In 1992, he toured and recorded with a number of artists.  During this time he played with saxophonist, Chico Freeman, Me'shell N'degeocello, Bob James and Pieces Of A Dream.  He also performed with Japanese jazz trumpeter Terumasa Hino and Jonathan Butler, to name a few.

1999 was a busy year for David.  He recorded his debut CD "Soulmates."  He joined Trumpeter Tim Hagans and producer Bob Belden to write and record two CD’s. 

In 2004, he  released "The Dawning,"  on his own label "Lohandfunk," and released his third CD “Unleashed!” in 2008.

"Throughout his career, David has earned quite a reputation as a bassist, songwriter, arranger, and producer. He continues to strive for excellence as one of today's most promising artists." (bio)

David performs worldwide. He can be heard with Pieces of a Dream, Walter Beasley, Marcus Johnson, Unit 3 Deep and other groups. He is featured on numerous CD's. Catch a performance at a venue near you.


David Dyson - Unleashed (2008) (excerpt)

From the New Kids on the Block to Me’Shell N’degeocello, Dyson is a bona-fide force in the bass world (in my opinion, a criminally lesser known name to many, tho. Every bass player should be well aware of David Dyson). I had the pleasure of meeting Dave through a mutual friend (and killer bassist Steve Jenkins) at a NAMM show a few years back and am happy to report that he’s also a VERY cool guy. Do a search on youtube or visit his myspace page and you’ll find a plethora of wonderful videos showing us all what the pocket is really about. I was very excited to hear a mix of his upcoming CD "Unleashed!" and I wasn’t disappointed in the least!"      ~ Damian Erskine -

David Dyson - Soulmates (2000) (review excerpts)

“Pieces of a Dream bassist David Dyson, whose performance credits also include such disparate acts as New Kids on the Block, Steve Coleman and Me'Shell N'degeOcello, strikes out on his own with his very funky solo CD, Soulmates. Dyson's bass holds the bottom together, of course, but he also puts in out front.” ~ Brian Soergel -  Jazz Times

“His tracks lean heavily toward funk, R&B, and dance beats, and this, together with the electric bass emphasis, makes Dyson's music somewhat similar to Marcus Miller's. Jazz listeners might find it a bit commercial overall, although Dyson crafts some edgy harmonic progressions, hard grooves, and intelligent songs. He and co-engineer/pianist Vince Evans also know their way around studio gear -- the recording is rich and of very high quality.” ~ David R. Adler -  All Music


David Dyson - Donovan James

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