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KYTAMI is a "violinistextremist. Arguably, Canada’s most diverse and engaging fiddle player, she is an unbelievably energetic performer." Kytami's range and styles span from classical, punk, metal, hip-hop, Reggae, Celtic and any "fiddle styles" in between. Her skill and energy have moved audiences to stand up and embrace her music. From Canada to Europe, to the Near to the Far East, crowds groove to her sometimes melodious, sometimes strident, always energizing and engaging musical styles.

Kytami began violin lessons when she was 3 or 4 years old. She picked it up and never put it down. In college, she trained to be a classical violinist at the Vancouver Academy of Music. While attending the Academy, she participated in "orchestra, chamber groups, theory, private lessons, technique and master classes." From her training, she emerged a master violinist.

Future Classics Mix vol 27 | Mixed by Kytami &
Phonik Ops | EVD Take-Over

She has recorded with established artists in diverse musical genres.  From reggae, hip hop, drum and bass, to punk and metal. She has performed with Third Eye Tribe, Blackie LeBlanc, the Kytami Revolution, the indie pirate-rock group, Lownote and delhi2dublin.

Kytami is featured on a number of Delhi2Dublin CDs, also on albums released by The Swollen Members and The Rebel Spell. She has collaborated with a number of bands and individual musicians, which include Third Eye Tribe, Goatsblood, delhi2dublin and DJ Phonograff as "Violin vs Vinyl". These collaborations also include performing with the legendary dub producer The Mad Professor. More recently, can be seen and heard on tour with PHONIK OPS in Canada and the U.S.


Desert Tiger Podcast (2018)

"Violinist extremist Kytami joins me on the DTP! Combining the classical elements of fiddle and violin with Drum n Bass, Dubstep, and Hip-Hop; Kytami has been soaring above genres and labels. After years of touring the world with her brand of classically influenced electronic music, this energetic firecracker is continually evolving and just keeps getting better. We sat down to discuss how she transitioned from the classical music she was trained in since youth, into the exploding electronic music scene, blazing her own path. We also talk about some of her favorite experiences and opportunities, the diverse influences she has, and her plans to continue exploring and expanding with her music!"
~ Desert Tiger Podcast

REVIEWS: (excerpts)

Kytami Remixes (2014)

“Vancouver's Kytami is a musician with a lot of irons in the fire. She's one of the founders of the prolific electro-worldbeat fusion band Dehli 2 Dublin, she's a collaborator with west coast hip-hop groups the Swollen Members and Sweatshop Union and she lights up dance floors with her own music. And she's doing it with an unconventional instrument: the violin. This is Kytami's first remix album and her first release for the trend-setting Vancouver label East Van Digital. The remixes are quite varied.”
~ Steve Marlow - Earshot Online

Kytami rocks V.I.C. Fest -
"Kytami is one sassy badass violinist extremist"

“I can play the fiddle like a badass.”

That’s the quote that fills up the wallpaper of local “violinistextremist” Kytami’s Twitter page.

And it’s true.

For anyone who’s ever seen the dynamic electric fiddler’s show, it’s obvious that Kytami is a no-holds-barred rocker, whose energy abounds on stage.

Although the words rocker and fiddle don’t always go hand-in-hand, Kytami is managing to make it a very memorable mashup.

“That’s my sound — it’s electronic, dance, heavy bass, elements of hip hop, fiddle and classical violin styles all mixed together.”
~ Mary Ellen Green - Monday Magazine

Kytami, Violinistextremist

" With her abilities, style and devilish smile, Kytami has won over audience after audience, appearing at most major festivals across Canada and in the Western U.S. as well as performing overseas in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany and Dubai. Kytami has appeared on albums by The Swollen Members and The Rebel Spell, collaborated with bands such as the dancehall/hip-hop group Third Eye Tribe, Goatsblood and legendary dub producer The Mad Professor and toured extensively with the multi-cultural, award-winning band Delhi 2 Dublin."

Something Else, Something Fierce

First Annual Benefit Concert for the National Alliance of Philippine Women in Canada
“Kytami is a violin revolutionary. An unbelievably energetic performer, she bounds between classical and fiddle styles, pitting them against heavy bass and electronic dance beats and then commits a 360, executing her skills against the pounding of skins in punk rock and metal. With her abilities, style and devilish smile, she has won over audience after audience, appearing at most major festivals across Canada and the Western U.S. as well as performing overseas in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Berlin and Dubai.”  —
~ Suzi Pratt -


Violinistextremist | Kytami | TEDxVictoria

Kytami & Emily Spiller Live @ Shambhala 2013

Kytami - Canon in D/Bird Soul Live @ Shambhala 2013

KYTAMI: Violinistextremist