MUSIC - Frank Piombo - Guitarist, band leader & educator


Frank grew up with music all around him. As he traveled with his family, he experienced the unique sounds of the places he lived. His first musical experience was with his grandfather's acoustic guitar.  Later, while living in Italy, it was his father's accordion.  These and other experiences fueled his desire to learn about and play music and he chose the guitar as his instrument.

For more than three decades, Frank has entertained professionally as a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, appearing as a lead guitarist and vocalist with many live bands. During his career, he has performed with Sidewalk Symphony, Angelo Uccello and Fantasy, Stepping Out, The New Prince Band, US & Co.,  the original Infernos, The Duprees, The Mellow Kings, Vito and the Salutations, and Vito and the Elegants, "I Nuovi Angeli" and the "Formula Tre."

He has recorded several Jazz and Italian Pop CDs and appeared on the Steve Ames cable show with vocalist/keyboard player Angelo Uccello. Frank's songs have been featured on web-radio shows both nationally and internationally.

On both "Lady Jay's" web-radio -, and on Udo Freter's Show called "Blues Rockclub Radioshow" from Germany.

Frank can be seen and heard in venues both nationally and internationally.


Frank Piombo – Keep It Movin’

"His new album Keep It Movin’(2017) is a collection of smooth jazz, funk, and easy listening songs. A very uplifting and fast moving album. It features guitar, saxophone, and trumpet. A must hear! This album features some of the best musicians and vocalists in the country: Tony Exum Jr, Sam Hankins, Joe Arminio, Michael Mahadeen, Joaquin Diaz, Pablo Claudio, Donnie Harrell, Tom Jabobsen, Terry Tuck, Darryl Clark, Angelo Uccello, Michael Cardinale, Doreen Brusca Arminio, and Rod Williams." ~ Smooth Jazz Daily

Musician Frank Piombo is a life-long lover of music - and now plays at numerous venues in New Jersey.

Spotlight on Talent: Local Musician Frank Piombo lives "All that Jazz"

Sometimes the very thing you wait for the longest is that one true love you will always treasure all the more once you embrace it. Ask any artist who falls in love with his craft at an early age, only to wait for years until the day when he can share his passion, what this slow journey means to him. Verona's own jazz gem Frank Piombo will tell you, with his trademark smile and soft spoken words, that the path towards his newfound fame as a respected and popular jazz musician was well worth the wait - and the time it took to work full-time and support his wife and children. For the music, as any true artist will tell you, lives on in even an everyday life, often to blossom handily when the time comes for you to retire. "My grandfather was already gone when I discovered his guitar in a closet when I was 3-years old, " said Piombo. "I picked it up and never put it down. "   Diane Lilli -

‘Frank Piombo - The Night Speaks
(A Smooth Jazz Journey)(Excerpt: 2014)

"If Frank Piombo's guitar could be described in a simple sentence, it would be cabernet-worthy. You know very well the sort of music that you want to have with a glass of fine wine and dimmed lights, in an upscale restaurant or a dark-wood-paneled intimate club.

Piombo, whose career spans three decades and whose guitar has made waves across the world's jazz stations, delivers that ambiance and more in a direct, engaging tone and a recognizable and relatable style." ~ Detroit Jazz Magazine

‘Nightfalls,’ (Excerpt: May 2012)

‘Nightfalls,’ by Frank Piombo is a collaboration of ‘indie’ musicians "‘Nightfalls’ is the newest single release from independent musician Frank Piombo. Contributing artists to this collaboration come from Frank Piombo on guitar, Joyce Spencer on saxophone, Sean O’Bryan Smith on bass guitar and Rod Williams on piano. Being that these four musicians perform on this song, it is no surprise why ‘Nightfalls’ is an ideal assemblage of great independent musicians, performing a fantastic song. Experience first hand by listening to all four artists compliment one another and blend together their styles to enhance the song ‘Nightfalls’ beyond smooth jazz to the level of serene jazz. ‘Nightfalls’ is a perfect example that great jazz music does not only come from mainstream performers. Frank Piombo, Joyce Spencer, Sean O’Bryan Smith and Rod Williams are proof that great jazz music comes from the many great – undiscovered and at times, unappreciated independent artists as well. "  ~ Robert Cunningham - Lexington Jazz Music Examiner


Frank Piombo - Nightfalls