MUSIC - Earl Carter - Amanda Lee, Singer, songwriter


Amanda is originally from the DC area, born in Towson, Maryland. Her attraction to music and the performing arts began when she was 15 years old. This was when she began dreaming about becoming a "pop star." From that time to the present, she has steadfastly stuck to her path within the musical arts.

Over time, she became skilled with the guitar and numerous other acoustic instruments like the kazoo, xylophone, and looper pedal to augment her performance, and she began writing original songs.

In 2002, Amanda was awarded 1st place in the Korean/American Music Contest(KBN Talent Competition) for young adults, during this event she met her bass player, Posido Vega, who became her bandmate and and eventually her husband. Also to her musical credit, Amanda was awarded 2nd place in the first annual Kollabortion DC competition in 2010.

In 2010, in the midst of her busy schedule, she was also working on a fund raiser project with Pledge Music to finance her first album titled "Go," which was released as a four song EP in 2011.

Amanda can be seen and heard performing in the DC area at a number of clubs, coffee houses and other venues.


Live Show: Amanda Lee’s EP Release Party (4/9/2011)  

"This was her night… The night when she and her friends, family, supporters, and fans celebrated the release of her first ever EP under the title “GO”. She spent many months and long hours in the studio to produce and perfect her EP with the help of her supporters and fans by allowing them to pledge (donate) money through PledgeMusic to raise money for her EP as well as for charity. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you are missing out on a lot. Amanda Lee Vega, also known as Amanda Lee on-stage, is an independent singer/songwriter who’s based in the Washington metropolitan area. ."   ~ The Realm of Eternity



Amanda Lee - Letting Go (ft Joanne Kim)
Amanda Lee (ft Posido Vega) - Empty (2/19/2011)